OUR Taxi Accessibility Statement

At Our Taxi, we are dedicated to creating a digitally accessible experience for everyone, including people living with disabilities.


Riders with disabilities

The technological advancements implemented by Our Taxi are instrumental in enhancing the mobility and autonomy of passengers with disabilities. These advancements encompass a range of functionalities and attributes intended to facilitate and support individuals with diverse mobility challenges.

  1. Cashless payments

Cashless transactions offered by Our Taxi streamline the payment procedure, alleviating concerns for passengers regarding the handling of cash or the necessity to exchange bills with the driver.

  1. Anti-discrimination policies

The Our Taxi app automatically matches each ride request to a nearby driver, minimizing the potential for unlawful discrimination to impede the access to dependable and reasonably priced transportation.

  1. On-demand transportation

The Our Taxi app streamlines transportation for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to seamlessly travel from point A to point B with a simple tap. This eliminates the need for arranging rides via a dispatcher or resorting to less convenient alternatives.

  1. Service animal policies

Our Taxi explicitly mandates drivers to adhere to all pertinent laws concerning the transport of service animals, particularly for riders who are blind or have low vision and might be accompanied by such animals.

  1. Upfront pricing

Our Taxi employs upfront pricing, ensuring riders are aware of trip costs before requesting a ride. This approach fosters peace of mind and mitigates the potential for fraudulent activities.

  1. Share your ETA and location

Passengers have the ability to conveniently share their ride specifics, encompassing the designated route and approximate arrival time, with their trusted contacts for added reassurance. Through a shared link, acquaintances or family members can access the driver's details, photograph, vehicle information, and monitor the rider's real-time location on the map until their journey concludes—without requiring the installation of the Our Taxi app.

  1. Wait time fee waivers

Individuals with disabilities or those who regularly accompany them during trips have the option to request an exemption from wait time charges for their accounts by submitting a certification.

Riders with mobility disabilities

We’re using technology to make transportation more accessible and reliable for riders with mobility disabilities, including through WAV (wheelchair-accessible vehicles).

  1. Equipped vehicles

Our Taxi's WAV service enables riders who use non-folding motorized wheelchairs to connect with drivers operating wheelchair-accessible vehicles equipped with ramps or lifts.

  1. Available around the world

We're implementing various WAV models across several cities globally, such as Bangalore, Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, DC, to assess the most suitable wheelchair-accessible vehicle choices that cater to the requirements of both riders and drivers.

Riders with service animals

In the United States and Canada, we have implemented various measures to educate Our Taxi drivers about their responsibilities concerning the transportation of riders with service animals. These measures encompass:

  1. New and existing drivers will be prompted with an in-app notification mandating their acknowledgment of contractual and legal duties regarding the acceptance of service animals during trips.
  2. There's a dedicated support team to manage complaints related to service animal denials. All incidents are thoroughly investigated, documented, and resolved by this specialized team. You can submit your complaints to ourtaxi@ourtaxiride.com
  3. The Service Animal Policy of Our Taxi outlines the contractual and legal duties of drivers concerning passengers accompanied by service animals. This update also emphasizes the company's ongoing commitment to resolving complaints raised by riders in this regard.

Riders who are deaf or hard of hearing

The complete functionality of the Our Taxi app doesn't rely on audio. Assistive tools, like visible and vibrating alerts, are available to assist riders who are deaf or hard of hearing in using the app seamlessly. Additionally, in-app options such as entering destinations support non-verbal communication between riders and drivers.

Riders with assistance needs

Our Taxi endeavors to expand transportation accessibility for all individuals worldwide. The Assist feature is crafted to offer additional aid to those seeking assistance. Through Assist, highly-rated drivers have the opportunity to receive specialized training from external entities to assist riders in boarding vehicles. Presently, Assist operates in over 40 cities globally.

Drivers with disabilities

  1. Drivers with mobility disabilities

Our Taxi creates economic opportunities for individuals with mobility disabilities. Our platform welcomes drivers who utilize modified vehicles and hand controls, extending the opportunity to anyone legally eligible to drive to apply and work with Our Taxi.

  1. Drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Our Taxi provides flexible economic opportunities for drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing. We welcome everyone, including drivers with hearing impairments, to participate and earn income through Our Taxi.